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Post-Supported Aluma Shield® Aluminum Canopy by Austin Canvas & Awning for S.C. Hondros

At Austin Canvas & Awning, we recently had the pleasure of partnering with S.C. Hondros & Associates Inc., a renowned general contractor in Charlotte, to bring a remarkable project to fruition. Together, we embarked on the installation of a stunning post-supported Aluma Shield® aluminum canopy, a project that exemplified the power of teamwork and innovation.

Aluminum Canopy Project Overview

The canopy, a free-standing aluminum canopy, was meticulously crafted from extruded aluminum and coated with a durable AAMA 2603 finish. Designed to enhance the employee entrance on the building, it seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing both shelter and style to the space. Our collaboration with S.C. Hondros ensured that every detail, from the powder coating to the installation of light fixtures, was executed with precision and excellence.

Testimonial from S.C. Hondros

"We had the privilege of collaborating with Austin Canvas on a recent project for a longstanding client," remarked S.C. Hondros & Associates Inc. "Their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, surpassing our expectations and delivering an outstanding product."

At Austin Canvas & Awning, we take great pride in our ability to collaborate effectively with industry partners to deliver exceptional results. The successful completion of the post-supported Aluma Shield aluminum canopy stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. As we continue to forge new partnerships and embark on exciting projects, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of design and construction to create spaces that inspire and delight.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Austin Canvas & Awning as we share our journey and showcase the transformative power of architectural solutions.


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