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New Construction

No matter the scope, our staff of trained professionals work with you to ensure your project’s timely completion. 

Awning Company Austin Canvas & Awning Company White Logo

We are industry leaders

Engineering cutting-edge extruded aluminum awnings, walkways, canopies, trellises, sunshades, and anything you can imagine.

We specialize in high quality, proprietary extrusions, unique customizable fascia profiles

with cost efficiency through modular design.


Why Choose Us?

Awning Company Austin Canvas & Awning Company Logo

Combine good looks, strength, and durability with our extruded aluminum canopies & fabric awnings

We use the newest generation metal and membrane materials for our custom-designed awnings and canopies.

We work with contractors, real estate developers, architects, and property managers to solve our customers’ most challenging problems.
And we do it on time and within budget. 

Awning Company Austin Canvas & Awning Company Charlotte NC

Providing protection from the elements and the harmful UV rays of the sun

Today’s metal products last longer, up to 20 years, making them a cost-effective “green” solution.

Awning Company Austin Canvas & Awning Company Charlotte North Carolina

​This product is a great alternative to hard construction. 

Our extremely rugged standing-seam canopies and awnings can withstand the fiercest weather. 

Made with new-generation long-lasting materials.

Our Proven Process

We worry about all the little details that no one else thinks about.

Detailed Shop Drawings, dedicated Project Managers, dedicated In-house uniformed installation crews

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Project Manager
The first step in the process is making sure your project will have your own experienced project manager to help navigate from start to finish.
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Your project begins to be built in our state-of-the-art facility. Whether this calls for custom welding, metal bending, powder coating, etc., it's all done in-house.
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We will put together a game plan with your project manager based on the information you provide to know how best to handle the beginning steps.
Finish & Install
Your parts will arrive on-site where our experienced & licensed installation crews arrive to secure and build everything in its place.
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Design & Engineering
Our group of top-notch designers & engineers will custom fit your new structure to your drawings and/or space and meet the building code.
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Customer Satisfaction
Our project managers will provide follow ups with you and staff and even come out for a site visit to assure your satisfaction in your new structure.
Awning Company Austin Canvas & Awning Company White Logo

Schedule a consultation

Start designing the perfect awning or canopy for your location

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