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Custom Canvas

Expand Your Creative Horizons with Our Custom Canvas Projects!

We work with top-quality industrial fabrics, expertly cut and sewn to meet your exact product specifications.

Explore our portfolio to see some of the incredible projects we've completed.

Protective Covers & Enclosures: 

  • Machinery, equipment, and vehicle covers 

  • Marine canvas products
    (boat covers, biminis) 

  • Outdoor furniture covers 

  • Vehicle caps and camper shells 

  • Horse blankets and covers 

  • Custom bags and carryalls 

Architectural & Outdoor Solutions: 

  • Acoustic panels 

  • Architectural structures and shade sails 

  • Garden shade systems 

  • Privacy screens 

  • Specialized sunshades 

  • Landscape netting
    (plant support, erosion control) 

  • Tensile fabric structures 

Event & Promotional Products: 

  • Event tents and banners 

  • Custom backdrops and scrims 

  • Promotional items
    (branded tote bags, drawstring bags) 

  • Art installations 

  • Custom stage curtains 

Repair & Replacement Services: 

  • Repair and replacement parts 

  • Canvas restitching and patching 

  • Zipper and fastener replacement 

Industrial & Safety Solutions: 

  • Filtration bags 

  • Thermal fabrics 

  • Industrial curtains 

  • Safety curtains and barriers 

  • Protective clothing
    (aprons, coveralls) 

  • Erosion control netting 

Sports & Recreation: 

  • Sports equipment
    (protective covers, padding, mats) 

  • Portable shelters
    (outdoor events, emergency situations, temporary workspaces) 

  • Custom equestrian accessories
    (saddlebags, fly masks) 

Interior & Window Solutions: 

  • Window shades and blinds 

  • Custom curtains and drapes 

  • Room dividers and partition screens 


  • Cargo nets and tarps 

  • Pet beds 

  • Crate covers 

  • Custom pet clothing and accessories
    (collars, leashes) 

  • Custom aprons for various industries
    (restaurants, workshops) 

  • Storage solutions
    (tool rolls, organizers) 

Whether you need a large-scale production or a smaller batch of items, our team of experts is eager to help you bring your vision to life.

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